Wind turbines

- electricity generation

Main features

  • generates electricity if wind speed is more than 3 m/s and less than 15 m/s, at higher wind speed the power plant must be shut down or rotation has to be limited
  • usually the power plant will generate rated power in wind speeds of 10-12 m/s
  • the blades of the wind turbine should be above any nearby obstacles for example trees or buildings

Additional features

  • if wind speed doubles the power plant will generate 8 times more electrical power. A wind turbine typically reaches the maximum power output at a wind speed of 11-13 m/s
  • If electricity is not used simultaneously with electricity generation, the system needs a battery pack for storage.
  • life cycle of a wind power plant is around 20-30 years, life cycle of batteries is shorter
  • wind power generation causes noise pollution
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