Renewable Energy Calculator

This Renewable Energy Calculator estimates your possibilities to produce all your energy by yourself. The estimation is based on the input you give the calculator plus the background data on climate, renewable energy physics and technical data on existing solutions. The estimation is suitable for starting point on your Renewable Energy investment planning.
It does not give you exact numbers on produced energy nor costs on the investment but it gives you the direction on what kind of combination you should look upon.
The tool is free to use.

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Total heated or air-conditioned area of buildings
Number of households
Building category
1Typical modern Nordic house built for cold climate: Designed for arctic and sub-arctic climates (triple windows, thick insulation)
2Typical Central European building for moderate climate: Double windows, medium insulation
3Typical Mediterranean building: Single windows, little or no insulation
4Typical sub-tropic building: No insulation
5Typical simple shelter: No insulation, very light construction
Average wind speed estimate of the area
3m/swind felt on face, tree leaves rustle
4m/slight flags extend
5m/sleaves and small twigs move
6m/ssmall branches sway
7m/sdust and loose paper blows about
8m/ssmall trees sway
9m/slarge branches sway
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